Android 12 Turns The Smartphone Into a Car Key

Android 12 Turns The Smartphone Into a Car Key

We will soon be able to use any Android smartphone to open the car thanks to the collaboration between Google and BMW, but many other cloud join

Android 12 will turn the smartphone into a car key. The feature, available in the first instance on Pixel and Samsung devices, was presented during the Google I / O event and aims to exploit the tool in a complete way, also to perform operations outside the most typical ones of mobile devices.

Currently, Big G is working side by side with BMW, the only partner so far out of the closet. On the other hand, the Munich-based company recently announced its collaboration with Samsung for the implementation of key functions and integration on mobile phones. According to initial information, the agreement with the German company of the Korean company provides exclusively for support for the development of the digital key, without having given the availability for any specific model capable of exploiting it for the moment. The road, therefore, the cloud still proves to be rather tortuous while waiting to reach the pre-established goal.

Android Car key, What Is It Based On

To implement the function that will act as a link between the mobile phone and the car on the robot’s operating system, two different alternatives have been considered. The proposals include the use of UWB (Ultra Wideband) or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, both of which are already known to many users.

The first, or the one called UWB, has already been introduced by Apple on some of its devices. Cupertino has implemented this particular communication methodology by inserting it among those supported by the latest generations of iPhone and Apple Watch Series 6  and on the new airbags.

The same, based on rumors circulating in the environment, will happen with the next Pixels, the Mountain View smartphones that should see in their equipment the ability to use the UWB protocol, also useful for finding the car in an area. The high density of vehicles, such as crowded parking lots. For NFC, the ground has already been abundantly beaten as a good chunk of the most recent devices with iOS and Android have already integrated these systems into their equipment.

Google And BMW, a Partnership Destined To Grow

If BMW is, for now, the only one to have taken a step forward against Google, especially for the introduction of the UWB, it may not remain the only one wanting to get its hands in the field. Already Kia Motors has moved in the same direction, taking part in the UWB Alliance; then there is Hyundai Motor, with its membership in the Fira Alliance, an association that has promoted the technology.

Instead, other big names in the IT and automotive sector have chosen to join the CCC. The Car Connectivity Consortium, a group that deals with the development of solutions of this type, can already count among its ranks names of the caliber of Google, BMW, and Samsung, Apple, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, LG, and GM.

Regardless of the solution chosen by the automotive partner, it will be the commitment of the various coalitions to find a square in terms of standards, which are essential to apply the new features to devices of different brands. This is the point on which Samsung also expressed itself during the presentation conference of the Galaxy S21 series.

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