Cloud Storage For Business: Overview And Comparison

Cloud Storage For Business: Overview And Comparison

A Selection Of Russian Cloud Services For Small And Medium Businesses – With Pros, Cons, And Prices

Now many are in a situation where they urgently need to look for a corporate cloud for storing data – preferably, just in case, based in the Russian Federation. I made a short comparison of domestic services: features, tariffs, volume.

VK WorkDisk

Cloud storage for corporate documents with the possibility of co-authoring.


  • Clients for all popular platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS;
  • Support for version history for all files (easy to return to the previous version);
  • the ability to set disk space quotas for each user or folder;
  • automatic notifications about changed files, new shares, disk quota exhaustion, etc.
  • Deployment both in the cloud and on the customer’s servers;
  • security (access via HTTPS, two-factor authentication)
  • Support for the WebDAV protocol (cloud storage is mounted as a network drive and becomes available from any file manager);
  • viewing documents and media files without downloading;
  • Search with filters;
  • the ability to work through the aggregator of cloud services “Disk-O”;
  • administration (adding, deleting users, and managing their access);
  • visual collaboration (changes in documents are visible to all participants immediately in the process of editing them);


The amount of storage depends on the number of users. For example, in standard tariff plans, you cannot buy 1 TB for 20 people, and custom options are available on request only for large companies (from 301 employees);

  • If the payment is delayed for more than three days, the user is switched to a free tariff. At the same time, the entire volume over 3 GB is charged at 3 rubles per gigabyte per month;
  • automatic deletion of all data if the payment is not received within 14 days.

Summary: an advanced and convenient domestic service that will not cause problems if you pay on time. Suitable for most corporate customers.


As part of the virtual office Yandex 360 for business


  • transparent billing without limitation on the number of employees;
  • there is a free version: 10 GB per employee and access to all services;
  • the ability to allocate up to 3 TB to each user;
  • unlimited mailbox (restrictions apply only to the number of letters in mailings);
  • low price: from 24 kopecks to 1.29 rubles. per gigabyte per month for each user;
  • security (Yandex ID authorization service certified according to the AICPA SOC 2 standard; all data is encrypted during transmission outside and inside the Yandex cloud).


The free version shows ads, and fast technical support is not available;

  • to start working in Yandex 360, users must have accounts in Yandex;

If Yandex previously blocked the account for any violation of the rules, you cannot connect to Yandex 360;

  • It is impossible to manage the services of different organizations from one Yandex account since the details of an organization are linked to the account of its owner.

Summary: one of the cheapest options for storing corporate data in the cloud. Completely free for those willing to keep within 10 GB and watch ads.

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