Common Queries All You Need To Know About IT Workforce

Common Queries All You Need To Know About IT Workforce

What Are The Demands That Candidates Have For Their Future Job?

In all industries and responsibilities, continuous feedback is one of the most important to those who work there. There is nothing worse than entering a job and never receiving any feedback, encouragement or motivation from their immediate supervisor. In addition, transparent, understandable processes and work instructions are also expected, but of course, pay and benefits also play an essential role and flexibility on the employer’s part. For example, if you have to go first for a small child, you may not have to take a day off for administrative purposes. Since the coronary virus, workers have increasingly demanded a hybrid or full home office option, especially in the IT market.

How Do You See The Gender Ratio? Are There Still Far More Men In This Profession Than Women? If So, What Do You Think Could Be The Reason?

There are many more men in this profession, although there are some very good counterexamples. A dear former classmate of mine, co-founder and CEO of imagi Labs, Dóra Pálfi, recently won the Forbes Hungary 30 under 30 and the University Honors Scholar / Founders Day Award. Also, more and more campaigns are being made around the houses of various multi-companies, such as Telekom or Lego, t hat the view that there are more girly and more boyish professions is obsolete.

In any case, men’s way of thinking and analytical skills are better suited to the world of IT. At the same time, women are still more successful in the humanities, where they can utilize their speaking skills, empathy and caring for others. Maybe that’s why there are more male programmers and female HR or just a teacher. Fortunately, we are already seeing improving trends, and there are far more female IT candidates than we did 5 years ago, but few still choose this field as their profession.

What Strengths Make Women Fit To Pursue A Career In IT, Either As A Developer Or IT Engineer?

I have already mentioned the more sensible way of seeing women in the previous answer. I think we sometimes beat men with precision, which is especially important in an industry that requires extreme precision. Nevertheless, no specific qualities or strengths would make women or men outstandingly suitable for this career. The knowledge gained and the commitment and love for the IT field are also necessary.

Do You Usually Get Feedback From Companies Later About The Hired Workforce? In The Case Of Women, What Can Be Said? Will They Pick Up The Rhythm Soon?

Yes, in companies where we have regular searches, we get feedback all the time, but the candidates we place are also often contacted to see how satisfied they are with their jobs and grateful that we have reached them. Women pick up the rhythm just as quickly as men; there is no gender difference here. The individual attitude matters much more.

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