Digitization Is The Only Hope In Times Of Crisis: AppDynamics Global Survey

Digitization Is The Only Hope In Times Of Crisis: AppDynamics Global Survey

Multi-year digital transformation projects now have to be implemented in weeks to overcome the effects of the pandemic, according to more than 1,000 IT professionals surveyed worldwide. We translated a new AppDynamics report on digital transformation and those implementing it in practice.

It details IT professionals’ challenges in 2020 and the challenges they need to overcome to innovate quickly and sustainably. And also called the necessary skills, tools, and support required from companies.

How The Pandemic Affects Business Continuity And IT

Many employees have switched to remote work, and companies are implementing digital strategies to sell goods and services. The audience of sites and applications has grown dramatically. The pressure on infrastructure and IT leaders worldwide has never been more significant.

The world has changed almost overnight. Unable to prepare, IT departments are faced with new challenges and priorities. Suddenly, they are under tremendous pressure to provide the infrastructure and security to maintain the high quality of digital services. And they have to do it in real-time, against the background of massive changes, often working remotely.

This is the name given to engineers whose digital transformation efforts were successful. They turned out to be only 9%. The number is frighteningly low, but there was hope for the best, as 97% of respondents had the ambition and desire to innovate and drive their organization’s digital transformation.

Let’s see what problems and challenges IT specialists and companies face and what is needed for digitalization to help overcome the consequences of the crisis.

The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Challenge Like Never Before

Technicians were the first to take the brunt of the most significant recent global economic crisis.

IT professionals are accelerating digital transformation projects, mobilizing to work from home, and at the same time, they must manage infrastructure well and maintain security across the entire technology stack.

Priorities have changed radically, and individual roles and responsibilities have to be adapted to them:

  • Technology priorities have shifted in 95% of organizations, with 88% of respondents saying “customer experience with digital services” has become a priority.
  • Nearly two-thirds of IT professionals (64%) are forced to take on new tasks that they haven’t done before.

Digital Transformation Has Accelerated

As a result, IT professionals have to implement large transformation projects in a previously unthinkable timeframe – while providing an impeccable quality of service for customers:

  • 74% reported that digital transformation projects typically took more than a year to approve and were launched within a few weeks.

With this kind of pressure, there is no time for long planning cycles and extensive concept testing. Compromises have to be found – and many are concerned that in a rush, long-term planning is receding into the background:

  • 59% admit they put out fires by implementing short-term solutions to technology problems.

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