Site Content Optimization

Site Content Optimization

It is necessary to technically optimize both the site and certain pages and parts of the content. The quality of a site is not a determining indicator for SEO in terms of technical audit, but it is of great importance for users. No matter how well-configured the resource is, it will only gain conversion to more interesting content if it interests users with its content. Therefore, this indicator should be given attention.

When creating content, you need to adhere to certain criteria.

  • Visual appeal. The user determines whether he wants to get acquainted with the content in the first 5 seconds; during this time, he should be interested. The text should be divided into blocks, and the pictures should be located at the level of “shifting eyes” along the trajectory of the letter Z.
  • Benefit. Content should carry as much information as possible on request.
    Uniqueness. With many texts of the same type, finding something to hook the user with is important.
  • Volume. Too much text, not separated by subheadings, looks unreadable and most likely will not keep the user on the page.

In addition, the content should be understandable for any user, which should be emphasized first.

Meta Tags

This tool helps structure page data, and search robots quickly recognize content topics. Meta tags should first be clear to the search engine so that it can easily determine the priority issue for the user’s request.

The main tags that the system uses most often are Title, Description, and H1-H3 headings. The system compares them with key queries, and the position of the site in the search results depends on how correctly they are composed. Tag optimization is recognizing them by search engines and quickly editing them quickly.

Structured Data

We’ve highlighted Breadcrumbs above as they are important structured data for determining the structure of a site. But structured data mark-up can be much more diverse.

Microdata does not have a direct correlation between its presence and the page’s position in search engines, but at the same time, it is an important factor that makes the user go to the promoted resource. When using, Open Graph, and JSON-LD mark-up, extended snippets appear separately from each other or together.

Featured snippets visually represent the promoted page on the SERP page. Rich snippets attract more attention and increase click-through rates, hence the income of optimizers and site owners.

You can mark up micro marking using one of the many services, such as Google Mark-up Helper or Google data marker. You can check structured data for errors using Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

The service is convenient because no additional actions are needed to determine their presence; it is enough to carry out your routine work – enter keywords into the service to check positions, and on the Keywords and Overview pages, you can automatically see the most important SERP features, and immediately determine which of them are present in issuance, and by which pages of your site are ranked.

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