The Concept And Essence Of Business Processes

The Concept And Essence Of Business Processes

Before talking about management, defining the business processes themselves to understand what is at stake is necessary. In simple terms, these are interrelated tasks and operations, resulting from which the company receives a certain amount of profit. Accordingly, business process management is a system of methods that increases the efficiency of an organization. This system has three parts:

– Process Modelling;

– Creation;

– Improvement.

In the first stage, the most important goal is the delineation of activities. Each department has its list of tasks required to complete. It is where the composition is determined, which will work on the task at hand.

The second stage requires the most expenses since the formation and implementation of ideas take place at this stage. If you want to get a good result, it is necessary to bring reality closer to what was planned at the very beginning of the work.

The third stage is the most difficult. To always be ahead of your competitors, you need to try to be better and constantly improve. As a result, the enterprise will need to determine the composition of specialists and who will be responsible for them and control their work. Next, you need to find a specific optimization method, and after the introduction, constantly monitor its implementation. In this case, we must repeat the cycle.

Also, sometime after the start of the company’s formation, it will not be superfluous to expand the staff of employees, since the “new” people will be able to look at life inside the enterprise in their way.

Methods For Improving Business Processes

There are several of the most appropriate methods for improving such processes:

Fast Decision Making

The category of specialists determines the problem of improving the activity of a specific process for a fairly short period (up to 90 days). The method of work is determined through a meeting that can last 1–2 working days. The decision can be either accepted or rejected.

Can consider the advantage of this method as a quick resolution of the problem, but the disadvantage is that attention is paid only to local problems. It follows from this that not the problem itself is eliminated, but only its consequences. This method can only be useful for conservative enterprises that do not strive for any changes.


This method consists of analyzing the processes of other enterprises, which are a good example, and in finding problems that prevent one from approaching such an “ideal”. Accordingly, first, you need to find such an organization, analyze it, find your mistakes, and fix them.

In this case, there are many advantages, but there is one disadvantage that overrides all the advantages – it is the possibility of transferring problems.

Process Redesign

This method is quite interesting and significant. It can be applied in numerous areas of the organization’s work to carry out certain actions, but, despite this, only to strengthen the current position of the enterprise without changing its structure.


Many disagreements arise around this method since none of the specialists can determine what it consists of. To summarize, this can be called planning an organization from scratch. This method may only be suitable for new businesses.


Like engineering, it is something global, but it can also be suitable for large organizations wishing to change the direction of their formation. Reengineering will lead to global changes and make a big step forward. Its goal is to eliminate the old foundations, replacing them with something new and necessary for further development.

The Relevance Of The Improvement Process

It’s not a secret for anyone that the development of an enterprise is a necessary factor, without which it is impossible to bypass any competitor. This process applies not only to “newbies” but also to a large number of experienced companies. All of them must invest money and their efforts in the continuous improvement of their business processes.

Thus, with the help of improvement, “newbies” will be able to make themselves known, which will help them to move forward. The most important thing here is to monitor the movement of the market constantly.

Large organizations cannot do without analyzing their activities. With regular analysis, it is possible to quickly find a solution to a problem that may arise during the operation of the enterprise. It also makes it possible to avoid any difficulties in the competition.

Either way, the path to improvement is the best way to grow your organization and generate profit.

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