DJI Air 2s: The New Drone With A 1-Inch Sensor For 5.7K Video

DJI Air 2s: The New Drone With A 1-Inch Sensor For 5.7K Video

The new version of the most popular drone changes its name and improves performance with new sensors.

We have tried it for several weeks, and we have had confirmation that this is the best drone for “pro-sumer” use: DJI Air 2s is the evolution of one of the most popular drones on the market, with several improvements from the point of view. Technological, but also with a significant price increase.
When we say “pro-sumer,” we mean the combination between the specific needs and those of a private consumer, albeit with some limitations that this drone manifests on the front of the camera.

What Has Changed Compared To DJI Mavic Air 2

Yes, if on the one hand a new one-inch sensor is introduced, on the other, however, an optic is used that does not perfectly adapt to all needs and that for excellent results requires lenses that must apply from time to time. These lenses, however, are not included in the standard sales package, but only in the box called “Fly More Combo,” which contains a second battery, a case for the device and all its accessories, and the optics above: this version of the DJI Air 2s drone, however, pushes the cost further up, up to € 1299, which for private use is starting to become a challenging price.

Compared to the previous model, the new DJI Air 2s drone also introduces two new sensors for vertical flight, able to spot obstacles above the drone. To this hardware, innovation is also added to the software one, with the new APAS 4.0 automatic piloting system, which makes its use much safer.

For an automated flight without surprises, the side sensors would still be missing, which is why it is advisable to set the drone to stop when it senses obstacles: this is one of the different options available. The other is to bypass the block that comes in square, but it could be a dangerous move without the side sensors.

For the rest, the functions of DJI Air 2s are very similar to those of the previous model, starting from the detail that can be folded back on itself to be transported with extreme ease. The battery life is also very similar to the previous model, with an autonomy of around 25/30 minutes.

How To Use And Govern The DJI Air 2s Drone

The new DJI Air 2s drone is managed with the remote control, which is, in turn, hooked to the smartphone; in the equipment, there are cables for both the connection to an iPhone and an Android smartphone with a USB C connector.

The application is complete. However, it requires a bit of practice to be thoroughly familiar with the use of this device, which is beautiful to look at, extraordinary to use. Still, it can represent a severe danger. For this reason, I must learn the facts. In this sense, must emphasize one of the most important details relating to the DJI Air 2s drone: due to its weight and its technical characteristics, today it falls into a category that allows it to be used even in built-up areas, near the people who are being filmed, provided that you have a license issued by the air control authorities.

However, since it does not have the necessary certification, starting from 2023, its classification will change significantly. So cannot use this drone in an urban area; it will have to maintain a distance greater than 50 m from the subjects captured and can only be used with the double license, both the one issued online and the one obtained with courses at certified companies. If you decide to buy this flying object, it is essential to consider it because the penalties for violating the rules are hefty.

Having clarified the rules with which to use the DJI Air 2s drone, we can say that its management and control in flight are relatively simple and offer very advanced solutions such as “master shots,” which guarantee excellent results for photos and videos. Once the flight has been launched, it is, in fact, sufficient to set the target of your shots because the drone performs a series of programmed movements and then generates a stunning automatic video.

If this is the right product for you, you have to consider the cost of around 1,000 euros.

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