Android: What Changes For Privacy Starting In October

Android: What Changes For Privacy Starting In October

A significant change in sight for the Play Store: Android users will have more awareness about app data protection before installing them

From October until April of next year, Google and the developers will lay the foundations for the Play Store of the future, more secure and attentive to privacy than ever. Big G wants to make the virtual application store a place to inform customers, app by app, how and what data is collected, what security practices are envisaged and how privacy is managed.

Developers will present the first safety data sheets as early as October, but Google has granted time until April 2022, shortly before, however, during the first quarter of next year. The first cards will begin to populate the descriptions of the applications available on the Play Store. 

Google’s goal is to offer Android users a preview of the privacy and security policies and list the collected data before installing the application and starts using it. A message like “No information available” will be displayed in the appropriate section of those apps that at first do not have this complete card yet., while those applications that do not comply with the new directives – Google warned – could be blocked.

How Will The New Cards On The Play Store Look Like

In the past few hours, the screenshots distributed by Google give a practical preview of what will be, even if in Mountain View they have specified that the final appearance and layout may be different.

The new tab will be displayed before the “Ratings and Reviews” section. It will contain a summary of everything related to the use of data and security elements, including the type of data collected by the apps and, possibly, whether they are encrypted.

There will also be the possibility of obtaining more information on why an application needs specific data and denying consent to this practice while using the app.

The Steps Towards More Significant Attention To Privacy

The arrival on the Play Store of this further stimulus that can sensitize Android users towards the protection of their privacy and the security of personal data, of which smartphones have become a real safe, was anticipated last May at the event for Google I / O developers. Google also released a roadmap to mark the steps towards its debut.

The policy scheme and guidelines were made available to developers in July, while in October, there will be the first concrete measure towards an increase in privacy on the Play Store and consequently on the operating system of the green robot.

In the first quarter of 2022, therefore, from January to March 2022, Android users will begin to notice the first tabs dedicated to privacy in the descriptions of the Play Store apps, while in April 2022, the deadline for developers will start, by which they must submit them. All the information you need for apps is already published.

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