What Is The Freeletics Fitness App

What Is The Freeletics Fitness App

Freeletics is an app dedicated to those who want to train from home, customizing their training plan, followed by a personal trainer: this is how it works.

Often you never have enough time to dedicate to fitness: you want a thousand work commitments, you want a particularly hectic life, you want little confidence with the “gym environment”, training is always and continuously postponed.

But what if physical activity could be done in a few minutes directly in the living room? With the Freeletics fitness app, you have no more excuses! A fully customizable high-impact training plan to meet your specific remise en forme needs. Find out how Freeletics works and what the benefits are.

What Is Freeletics

Freeletics is a fitness application, available and easily downloadable from all digital platforms, which offers its users a database full of many contents dedicated to fitness. If you are new to fitness or are still undecided whether to undertake a serious training program, the one for you is the ” Explore ” section. Here you will find many basic workouts completely free and always at your disposal to get an idea of ​​how the world of Freeletics works.

If, on the other hand, you already have clear ideas, after registering and filling out numerous specific questions, you can take advantage of one of the different paid plans thanks to which, at a lower cost than the gym subscription, you will have a personal trainer who programs and personally follows his training, adapting the proposed cards to your specific characteristics.

For this reason, Freeletics, more than many other fitness platforms, is the app you were missing to be able to defeat your reticence to the world of sports and achieve the physique you have always dreamed of.

How Does Freeletics Work?

First of all, to start training with Freeletics, you will need to download the application on your device and register by entering a valid e-mail address, or through the automatic login allowed by the main social networks. Upon successful registration, the application requires you to select your gender and to indicate 3 of the following objectives to be achieved: increase endurance, reduce stress, improve your physical condition, increase strength, lose weight, strengthen your mind or eat better.

Subsequently, thanks to the appropriate bar, it will be necessary to indicate your current level of physical fitness: it ranges from 0% of “not at all in shape” to 100% of “in very good shape”. Planning your personalized plan continues with the request for your preferred training method. You will have to choose, in order of preference, between free body without any equipment, running, with the help of dumbbells, with barbells, or with the kettlebell. You will conclude this registration session by indicating your date of birth, weight, and height.

Freeletics “Solo Training” Plan

By adhering to the plan that provides for an exclusive training workout, that is, without the support of an expert nutritionist, you will have personalized training sessions to follow when, where you want and for how long you want; training advice from professional athletes; sessions that adapt to your every need and the ability to keep track of your progress, also comparing yourself with the vast Freeletics community.

You will also have the possibility to set intermediate goals such as ” Training Journeys “: 12-week plans dedicated to a specific goal: to lose weight, increase muscle mass or stay active.

Freeletics Integrated “Training & Nutrition” Plan

The most comprehensive plan offered by Freeletics is the one that includes Nutrition & Training. With this plan, you will have at your disposal an avant-garde digital Coach who, according to your specific needs, will be able to offer you personalized food plans and “gourmet recipes”. All this while continuing to motivate you, encouraging you based on the latest scientific breakthroughs in nutrition, and motivating you to maintain results over time. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain a correct and healthy lifestyle, which integrates both training and healthy nutrition.

Blogs And Success Stories

Freeletics is not just an application, but a very active Community of flesh and blood people, just like you. And just like you, they too have started training, struggling with fatigue and difficulties. The Community and the Blog, on which professionals and experts in the sector write, serve just this: to motivate and support you by bringing their personal experiences and their “success stories” to encourage you to never give up.

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