What Kind Of IT Professionals Are Bounty Hunters Looking For?

What Kind Of IT Professionals Are Bounty Hunters Looking For?

Senior HR Consultant at HumanField Team Leader spoke about the selection process and interesting behind-the-scenes secrets.

The domestic labour market would absorb thousands of well-trained IT graduates immediately, and this number will only increase in the future. Exactly the conditions and competencies under which a selection process takes place have been told by HumanField’sHumanField’s team leader Senior HR Consultant and revealed even more interesting behind-the-scenes secrets that can be useful to job seekers and graduates.

Higher education institutions place great emphasis on IT training that provides marketable knowledge. This is also clear from the feedback from the companies, as the newly graduated IT professionals can get a high-paying position very quickly. Anett Oszvald, the HR leader of the market-leading Hungarian headhunting company HumanField, spoke first-hand about his experiences during the interviews and the expectations of the candidates and the companies.

What Are The Criteria For Recruiting And Selecting For The IT Sector? Do You Get A Free Hand, Or Do Companies Outline Directions In Advance?

In general, our principals communicate our core competencies and other expectations in advance for all our searches. For example, the candidate’s level of education or the level of language proficiency expected. In the IT sector, it is perhaps more lenient in terms of years of experience than in the case of a manufacturing company because, in IT, it is almost only that the person has specific expertise and programming knowledge in the given field.

Professional Competencies Are Still Rare, But Would There Be A Demand For Them?

In IT, all competencies are a great treasure, so even beginners without experience can easily assert themselves with a good study background, but here they are also the most forward-looking in terms of qualifications because even a strong experience can easily balance a degree.

In This Sector, Demand Far Exceeds Supply, Which Is Why IT Companies Are Competing For Labour. What Can They Offer Candidates, And How Can They Persuade Them To Work For Them?

Companies with outstanding pay and benefits packages and leading-edge companies offering “fancy” technology can only stand out because the ability to have an entire home office is now an essential requirement on the part of developers. Workplace well-being benefits that used to be very attractive, such as play and restrooms, sweets, fruit or pizza days, and possibly more or less the appeal of team-building programs, are now worn out. In addition, the opportunity for continuous learning, training and courses can be attractive for the candidates.

Furthermore, speed matters a lot for companies: the more complicated and lengthy the selection process, the more certain candidates are to drop out. With bounty hunts, the process is always much faster, as we can optimize the selection from both our clients and candidates. Not only can we speed up the selection process, but we can even smooth out problems that would never be revealed to either party due to communication difficulties. A reverse reference letter is not uncommon these days: they do short interviews with existing employees about why they like to work there to convince prospective employees. They often even hold a trial day at the companies to see how the processes are going, what kind of team they will be in, what kind of tasks they are.

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