WhatsApp: What Changes With The New App

WhatsApp: What Changes With The New App

WhatsApp has released a new app for Mac with an update that introduces several new features for messaging service users.

WhatsApp receives a new update: this time, it’s up to the app for macOS of the popular messaging app that, with the latest version being released in these hours, receives the same news already introduced for the app for Windows PC. The update introduces the native app for Mac.

The update focuses on group and video calls, which are now accessible to total Mac users. In addition, the update also introduces a restyling for the application to optimize the desktop interface (especially in case of use on huge displays) and a series of additional functions.

What’s New In WhatsApp For Mac

The new update being released finally makes available the native WhatsApp app for Mac, several months after the release of the native app for Windows, which has dramatically improved the user experience on PC.

This is essential news for all WhatsApp users who use the messaging service on MacBook and other Apple computers. The previous app version was much more similar to WhatsApp Web and, therefore, strongly limited in accessory features.

The new app now has a unique design, more in line with the style of other Mac applications, making it more comfortable to use with large displays. There’s also drag-and-drop support in chats, and you can access your conversation history more comprehensively without using your phone to browse old messages.

The new features for group and video calls represent another big news available with the latest update of WhatsApp. Now, the app allows you to participate in eight-person video calls and voice calls with up to 32 people.

.Users can join a group call even after start-up and turn on incoming call notifications when the app is closed. Of course, there is always end-to-end encryption that guarantees maximum privacy for users for messages and calls.

How To Install New WhatsApp App On Mac

The new WhatsApp app for Mac is already available for installation, also in Italy. The app has not yet been published on the AppStore (but it should arrive soon). In the meantime, you can install the app by connecting through any web browser to the official website of WhatsApp (whatsapp.com) and follow the installation procedure.

Once the installation is complete, you must connect your smartphone to your Mac again. To complete this operation, go to the Connected Devices section (on Android, it is available by pressing the three dots icon at the top; on the iPhone, however, it is in the Settings) and complete the pairing through authentication via QR code.

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