Threads Are Available With The Web Version: The Challenge To X Continues

Threads Are Available With The Web Version: The Challenge To X Continues

The web version of Threads is now available: the social network adds a new tool to challenge X, the now ex-Twitter, by Elon Musk.

Threads is now available in a web version a few days after the first official confirmation. Meta’s new social network grows, allowing users to access content and create new ones while using the browser. The web version of Threads joins the apps for Android and iOS already available.

Threads Arrive On The Web: How It Works

Starting today, it is also possible to use Threads via the web via the official website Simply reach the site and complete the login with your account to access the social network with a user interface optimized for desktop use (similar to the web version of Instagram).

For now, the block applied by Meta to European users remains. For now, Threads cannot be used in Europe due to more stringent privacy regulations, and the debut of the web version does not change things.

It should also be noted that through the web version of Threads, it is not possible to create a new account for the social network but only to log in with the history already used on the smartphone (necessary to complete the login also via browser, as an additional level safety).

The web version of Threads displays posts exactly like the web version of Instagram. Below the center, in fact, some icons can be used to Like, comment, repost, or share the post’s content.

There is also the ability to view a user’s profile, split into three sections (Threads, Replies and Reposts). Furthermore, it is possible to find additional information under the profile picture, such as the link to the user’s Instagram profile.

The Challenge Between Threads And X Continues On The Web.

Threads’ main rival is, as is known, X, a social network better known by its previous name, Twitter. While the challenge between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk seems to have been postponed (the plan to hold the meeting in Italy has waned for now), the same cannot be said of the challenge between the two social networks.

The arrival of Threads on the web allows users to use the social network even from another platform, as happens with the former Twitter, available both via the app and via a web browser. In this way, Meta aims to encourage the use of the social network.

The first data regarding Threads’ actual use and active users are not very promising. In fact, after the initial boom, the social network is now going through a transition phase and does not yet seem to have managed to achieve the goal of stealing users from X. The web version is now one more weapon that Zuckerberg can use to challenge Musk, looking forward to the increasingly unlikely mixed martial arts match between the two entrepreneurs.

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