Where To Get Channels For Selling Your Services And Products?

Is it something other than Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp (if I am an expert; if I have a commodity business or a commercial organization)?

I’ve given you a lot of options:

  • Telegram (chats, channels, your blog, advertising in channels and chats, official advertising)
  • TikTok (your channel, advertising with bloggers, official advertising)
  • Snapchat (your blog, blogger ads, official ads)
  • Yandex.Zen
  • Yandex.Services
  • Profi.ru
  • You. do
  • Yandex.Messages
  • Yandex. Q
  • Yandex.Toloka
  • Avito
  • VKontakte (personal page, blog, blog, and public advertising, official advertising)
  • Odnoklassniki (personal page, blog, blog, and public advertising, official advertising)
  • YouTube (own channel, advertising with bloggers, official advertising)
  • Website (information on your website with a good SEO setting, advertising your website through bloggers of various social networks, contextual advertising of the site through Yandex. Direct and Google. Ads)
  • Viber (just transfer customers there, promotion through statuses there)
  • Word of mouth (already now do everything with an excess of value so that I want to talk about you)
  • Mutual PR and collaborations (with other experts and businesses in any social network)
  • To be an organizer, sponsor, and participant of offline and online events = networking and communication (attending themed events – conferences and speeches, attending business breakfasts and business lunches, meeting new people through your existing acquaintances, etc.; participating in marathons, contests, etc.)
  • Create your podcast
  • Writing and publishing a book on your subject
  • Partnership (give special conditions for buying from you if they come from your colleagues, clients, acquaintances, partners)

What To Do So That Now You Don’t Depend Only On Instagram, The Meta Family, And Tiktok?

  • create a waste option for yourself (for example, start a Telegram channel, start maintaining Yandex. zen, make a blog on VKontakte)
  • study 6 primary triggers in sales (you can use the book “Training on Neuromarketing,” or the book “Psychology of Influence,” or the book “Startup,” or – having studied my lecture on triggers)
  • study the 6 main stages of sales and try to build your dialogues with customers, your selling texts, and your websites; based on these stages
  • learn target audience research tools to be able to communicate with potential customers outside of these applications
  • I wish you strength and health to cope with everything around and inside your business.

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