Windows 10: All The News Of The Next Update

Windows 10: All The News Of The Next Update

Microsoft does not abandon Windows 10, despite the arrival of Windows 11 on the market: here is the news coming with the next update.

Windows 11 is finally here. The adventure of the new Microsoft operating system officially started on October 5, with the Start of distribution for all users after the system availability had been limited to Windows Insider subscribers following the June announcement.

And the latest Windows November 10, 2021 update is also limited to Insiders. Not in an absolute sense, because this operating system will still live longer thanks to the support guaranteed by the Redmond company, even if from October 2021, Windows 11 is new while Windows 10 in the past. Not everyone, for example, intends to update the machine with which they maybe work or which is in any case used daily to the new operating system that can introduce critical bugs – or at least this is the fear of many. And then some are comfortable with Windows 10 and want to exploit its life cycle to the last – even if it will be difficult to disable Windows Update in this scenario constantly.

Windows 10, The News Of The Next Update

With the Windows November 10, 2021, update, Microsoft’s operating system will introduce support for the WPA3 H2E standard that will increase the security of Wi-Fi networks, simplify distribution models without passwords for the Windows Hello for Business functionality. The more that to the GPU compute in the Windows Subsystem for Linux and Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW) environments will come in handy when dealing with particularly demanding activities for the PC hardware or other machine learning activities.

These are the main innovations of Windows November 10, 2021, or 21H2, which is currently being distributed in the Release Preview channel dedicated to Windows Insiders, i.e. developers or “simple” users who like to have preview versions of Windows, even if they have some bugs or some instability absent on the “definitive” version, the stable one.

How To Get The Update Now

The update, as mentioned, is available immediately for Windows Insiders and will arrive for everyone only later, when Microsoft is sure to distribute a bug-free and adequately stable update
for everyday use. If you want to install it anyway, here is the procedure.

Click Start, then Settings to choose Update & Security and then Windows Insider Program. Click Get Started: Loading will be displayed, so please wait. Then the message You will install
non-definitive software and services, which may not be thoroughly tested, will be displayed, so read what is reported and only then click Next.

This will show the message before confirming; also, this is to be read carefully before clicking on Confirm. The last message before the final ok is One more step…, also this last one to
read carefully before clicking on Restart now.

After the reboot, one last check before using the system: go to Settings> Update and security> Windows Insider Program to make sure you are part of the Insider program.

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