Experience: How To Find A Great Targeting Expert

Experience: How To Find A Great Targeting Expert

We are constantly growing in our competencies; customers bring new interesting projects, and, of course, we need to replenish our ranks.

A targeting specialist is one of the vacancies relevant for an agency and a small business. Small businesses testing a niche are not always ready to invest in a targeting tool fully. We share our experience with you to find a private specialist for a small budget and do not get burned by an incompetent performer.

The most important thing in this search is the funnel. There should be a lot of CVs at the entrance. This is due to the specifics of the profession since now there are a lot of courses that offer training in targeting. This means that there are a lot of potential employees, too, but not everyone will be able to do what you need.

At first, you need to find target ologists; there are a lot of targetologists

For example, in telegram chats, there are communities of such specialists.

Also, the cost of attracting a resume to the hiring funnel is that the headhunter site immediately lost its position to professional chats.

Create a separate Telegram account so that you can be asked to write to it with questions about the vacancy. Otherwise, it will spam your account.

When we first launched a vacancy, the next day there were too many responses (and that’s great!), But I wanted to say, “don’t cook a pot.”

Write the following text to the chat from your new account:

Hi, my name is Maya. I am doing this; I invite you to work on a project in our team. Write in a personal.

The first test task for the Targetologist, in our opinion, should take no more than 15 minutes.

Make a blank in advance, which will immediately be a test task:

Hi, I’m glad you responded! As a test task, I suggest thinking about a strategy for promoting our company. Here is a link to our Instagram account @ cooler max. Maya

What payment options do I offer: (here, you need to indicate the conditions you are ready to work on). If you agree, fill out this questionnaire (here, you can insert a link to Google Forms or a list of questions below from the criteria).

Filling out the questionnaire should also take no more than 15 minutes.

Further, if all is well by all criteria, call for a test period and give a limited test budget. The next thing is for the daily report and the accuracy of the employee, how much you agree with the characters.

The criteria that I propose to pay attention to at the very beginning:

  1. greetings when responding,
  2. introduce themselves and say what they can (mini-presentation, usually with cases)
  3. the presence of cases with indicators for leads or sales,
  4. presence of contacts who can recommend working with a person

Stages of interaction

  1. I get a response to the vacancy, a greeting, and an acquaintance
  2. I compose and send a text according to the terms of work with me and the principles of payment; you need a response to this text (suitable / not)
  3. I give a test task, which takes no more than 15 minutes of the time of a normal specialist, while the task has clear requirements for design and deadlines. In the assignment, you need to check your thought style and diligence.
  4. I work only in Google documents – no, tables in Excel or Word, so I need emails and links to accounts on social networks,
  5. Adding to corporate CRM, showing checklists, asking to supplement and give feedback
  6. I admit to the review 1-2 advertising campaigns for audit, I check how a person thinks, whether he is keeping the terms and promises
  7. I give the first job with a small budget, I designate the roles in our team, and I give all the instructions that relate to launches

Our statistics are that 1% of targetologists remain to work, while the cooperation is long and of high quality.

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