Digital Transformation vs People: Business Development, Need Of Digital Transformation In Business

Digital Transformation vs People: Business Development, Need Of Digital Transformation In Business

A lot has been said about digital transformation: there are materials about the tools that Business uses, about its success. But few say that not everyone wins in digital transformation. 

About Digital Transformation In Simple Words

Digital transformation is directly related to automation. Automation is an integral part of digital transformation. Automation means the introduction of various IT tools into a company’s work, the digitalization of existing business processes and data. With digital transformation, everything is more interesting since IT tools are used that allow automating existing processes and radically rebuilding them.

The emergence of new IT tools takes the automation process to a new level. When the transformation of Business, human relations, all internal processes, everything that has not been touched upon in the automation process is required, Digital transformation is more than just efficiency gains, but a radical business restructuring.

Why Does Business Need Digital Transformation?

Of course, covid, isolation, lockdown spurred the development of IT technologies. And also the development of the Internet and marketplaces. Business is now in a situation where it no longer works without automation and internetization. At the same time, due to the use of various kinds of digital technologies, a business can save significant sums.

Enterprises will be uncompetitive if they cannot handle volumes and allocate a large development budget. There may be a situation when technologically a company can process large amounts of data, but it runs into an organizational limit due to the lack of appropriate IT technologies. And with the help of IT technologies, we can overcome it. IT is everywhere now. There is nowhere to go.


What Professionals Need To Know Who Is Involved In The Digital Transformation Of The Company

In the course on strategic management, we discuss the current state of strategic management in the 21st century with the students in the first lesson. Let’s talk about new digital technologies, how they have influenced strategic management. Strategy is long-term planning, and in our era, everything is changing rapidly, and the strategy must be ready to rebuild. Don’t just rebuild the long-term plan, but develop internal adaptive competencies and the ability to learn quickly. This is an essential skill for professionals.

We also look at modern companies that have gone through or have not been able to go through the process of digital transformation; we look at examples of companies that can be called “market disruptors.” At a certain point, they disrupt the market and change the current state of affairs; they set a new value proposition obtained with the help of the latest technology or a radically different view of the business model. After a while, everything settles down, everyone accepts new rules of the game, switches to new technologies, and again classical laws start to play on the market.

We are not in a vacuum, but we are looking at what is relevant now, at the latest events on the market. This is useful because we provide approaches and skills to organize the IT processes taking place within the company, attract highly specialized specialists, manage and implement modern management tools. I believe that these are critical skills for all specialists who manage digital transformation processes in companies.

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