The Speed Of Your Internet Connection: How To Choose?

The Speed Of Your Internet Connection: How To Choose?

The internet connection speed is one aspect of evaluating more carefully when choosing a new rate. The speed of the line affects not only the monthly cost of the subscription but also the browsing experience.

Choosing a short line allows you to use multiple devices and carry out various operations simultaneously, reducing the likelihood of line slowdowns or congestion.

But what reflections must be made to identify the best internet offer and activate the telephony contract that can satisfy one’s needs?

Check The Coverage Offered By The Operators At Your Address

Regarding internet connection, the structural constraints existing in many areas of the country must always be kept in mind. Although progress is being made in implementing the Ultra-Broadband plan, which aims to create a network infrastructure by 2026 that will allow navigation throughout Italy at 1 Gbps, there are still many regions where the presence of ultra-broadband is marginal.

To choose your internet connection, it is, therefore, necessary to check the coverage offered by the various operators. Just reach the website of a telephone operator or use an online tool to check what type of technology can be activated at a specific address.

You can check the maximum browsing speed achieved with a fixed network connection by entering your home address. If an FTTH fiber optic connection reaches you, the top browsing speed is currently 10 Gbps in download and 2 Gbps in upload. For the FTTC copper-mixed fiber and the FWA fiber-radio connections, the rate that can be reached is 300 Mbps, while those with only ADSL-type access can navigate at a speed that does not exceed 30 Mbps.

Mobile connections are an excellent alternative to landline ones for those who live in a place not reached by fiber or FWA-type connections. By activating a data-only SIM, you can navigate at speeds comparable to those of mixed copper fiber and have enough gigabytes to carry out everyday leisure or work activities.

Make A List Of Your Internet Usage Habits

Once you have verified the browsing speed you have access to, it is essential to understand what rate you need. This value depends on how the internet is used and is influenced by several people using the internet.

A family that uses the internet to make videoconferences, take online courses, and watch streaming movies or live streams on social networks

For example, they will need a higher browsing speed than a family that carries out activities that consume less data, such as managing e-mail and searching for information on the internet.

Estimate Your Actual Browsing Speed

To be able to choose the best internet connection for your needs, you must also bear in mind that the speed referred to in the telephone offers is a theoretical speed. The effective browsing speed is lower and depends on many factors, such as network traffic, the number of connections activated in the same phone booth, obstacles that slow down the signal, etc.

Since many factors affect the browsing speed, making a precise estimate of the rate you can navigate takes work. A starting point is to consider the minimum browsing speed guaranteed by the operators for each offer.

Keeping this figure in mind and crossing it with the previous assessments helps to identify the most suitable telephone offer for your needs. Thanks to the comparison between the tariff plans of several operators, it is possible to find the most convenient request that guarantees the best navigation conditions at the lowest price.

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