What Is A Firewall For?

What Is A Firewall For?

The main task of the firewall is not to pass traffic that should not be there. This is basic protection against scanning an organization’s network, from delivering malware to computers, carrying out network attacks, and unauthorized access to secure corporate information.

For example, a ME can:

  1. Prevent “fake” traffic from entering the network. For example, your company communicates with a branch office. The IP address of your office and the branch office are known. You receive traffic that is disguised as branch data but is sent from an unknown IP. The firewall will notice this and will not let it inside your network.
  2. Protect the internal network from DDoS attacks when attackers try to “drop” company services by sending many requests to them. A system that knows how to recognize such attacks generates a rule for detecting traffic from attacking nodes and transfers it to the firewall.
  3. Block the transfer of data to an unknown source. For example, a company employee downloaded a suspicious file, and a virus got on his computer. This virus collected confidential data from the network and tried to send it “out.” But the firewall noticed a strange transmission to an unfamiliar IP and blocked it. As a result, the classified information has not leaked anywhere, and the virus has not done any harm.

A firewall can be installed inside a corporate network, for example, in front of a network segment with highly sensitive data to allow requests to it from computers of only certain employees. This further enhances network security.

Types Of Firewalls

Firewalls are divided into two groups – hardware and software.

Hardware ME:This is equipment that already has shielding software installed. You need to buy this device, connect to your network, configure – and everything will work. It is believed that such MEs are more convenient and reliable. First, their hardware is specially tailored for traffic filtering tasks. And secondly, no one will put anything extra on them, which could create conflicts, lack of disk space and other problems. This also allows hardware ME to meet more stringent certification requirements. But they are more expensive.

Program ME: This is software that needs to be installed on the server. It can be an iron or cloud server – the main thing is that it is through it that all traffic goes inside your corporate network.

The Main Thing About Firewalls

  1. Firewall, ME, firewall, firewall, firewall, firewall are the same thing.
  2. The main function is to protect a corporate network, network section, site or device from unwanted network access from outside.
  3. For protection, the firewall analyzes inbound and outbound traffic. To do this, he looks at the parameters of the transfer of this data. For example, whether traffic comes from an external or internal network.
  4. A firewall helps prevent data leakage, DDoS attacks, and malware intrusion into the network.
  5. ME are hardware and software. Hardware – a ready-made device that can filter traffic. Software – software that needs to be installed on a server, computer, device.

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