How To Activate And Remove Android Safe Mode

How To Activate And Remove Android Safe Mode

Activating Android Safe Mode Allows You To Restore The Factory Version Of Your Smartphone: Here’s What It Consists Of And What To Know To Activate It

The continuous technological renewal leads smartphones to increasingly resemble PCs, both in terms of functionality and performance. Android safe mode moves a “temporary” configuration within this perimeter that can be activated to access the device’s management features.

Since this mode was made available to the normal user, many enthusiasts have wondered how to activate and deactivate the Android Safe Mode. Here is the answer to this Libero Tecnologia article.

Android Safe Mode: What It Is And What It Is For

Before understanding how to activate and remove the Android safe mode, let’s understand in detail what it is and what it is for. As mentioned, safe mode is a temporary configuration. By accessing it, you can view the phone’s default settings to understand the so-called factory settings, i.e. from any modification and customization brought by us after purchase.

Why activate Android Safe Mode? Simple, by entering this configuration, it is possible to access the management functions of the smartphone and make changes directly to the system. Often this operational strategy is implemented when certain problems cannot be solved from the normal mode, such as slowdowns and repeated malfunctions. It is necessary to have solid computer knowledge behind you to avoid creating irreparable damage to the device to operate correctly.

Safe Mode: What Are The Benefits?

By returning the smartphone to the factory configuration, it is possible to analyze the nature of any problems more easily. If, for example, your smartphone exhibits problems with the speed of execution and entering safe mode significantly improves its speed, it means that the problem is not in the operating system but concerns one of the applications you installed later. Therefore, the solution is to uninstall the offending app (the problem, in this case, is to identify it) to restore the smartphone to the glories of the past.

How To Activate Android Safe Mode

For any device that has an operating system equal to or later than Android 6.0, it is necessary to activate the safe mode in this way:

  • Step 1: Press the Power button.
  • Step 2: Tap and hold the button for a few seconds Off
  • Step 3: Wait for Reboot in Safe Mode to appear. When it appears, it is necessary to touch the smartphone again and click Ok.

Once these operations have been completed, the device restarts automatically and when it is turned on again, the word “safe mode” will appear at the bottom left.

Another Method: Use The Keys

Other than activating Android’s safe mode, there is also a second way, which can be followed directly using the external keys on the phone. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Press the Power button and select the Power Off option
  • Step 2: Press and hold the power button until the smartphone logo reappears
  • Step 3: When the logo reappears, release the power button and press the button to lower the volume
  • Step 4: Keep pressing the volume down button until the smartphone restarts
  • Step 5: As soon as the word “safe mode” appears at the bottom left, release the volume key.

Safe Mode: How To Tell If The Operating System Is Having Problems?

Once you have entered the safe mode of Android, through one of the methods indicated above, you can check if the problem that slows down your device is inherent to the operating system or (at best) to an installed app.

If the speed and responsiveness of the phone regain force in safe mode, it means that the problem is fortunately not with the operating system. At this point, you will need to understand which app is not working, and the best method is to return to normal mode and uninstall and install all applications.

On the other hand, in the safe mode, the operation remains problematic; for example, it is slowed down or causes the phone to overheat, then it could be an operating system error that creates problems. At this point, the wisest choice is to contact your dealer for a more thorough check.

How To Get out Of Android Safe Mode

Once the problem has been identified, it is advisable to return to the normal version of the smartphone. How to do it? Simple: hold down the power button and hit Restart. This will safely exit the Android Safe Mode.

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