Huawei Mate Pad 11 Review – A Modern Creative Tool

Huawei Mate Pad 11 Review – A Modern Creative Tool

When the device pleases with powerful characteristics and a reasonable price, we are most likely talking about some Huawei device. A current example is the recently announced Huawei MatePad 11. The tablet received a large, high-quality screen with a frequency of 120 Hz and the flagship Snapdragon 865 processor – a storm of benchmarks and games. A close friendship with branded accessories turns the device into an advanced tool for work and creativity.

Thinner Than (Some) Smartphones

The Huawei MatePad 11 is very thin at just 7.25mm. Not every smartphone can boast of this thickness. The body itself is a magnesium-aluminium alloy, which can feel at the device’s ends. Tempered glass of unknown breed occupies the space in front. You should not glue the film on it because the sensor assumes close interaction with the proprietary M-Pencil stylus. In addition, there is a high-quality oleophobic coating. It could not be otherwise.

The back of the device imitates leather, so it is extremely pleasant to the touch and hardly scratches. Only the camera block protrudes, which is protected by a plastic frame slightly protruding above the lens.

Screen For Creativity And Comfort

The display occupied 86% of the front side. And the matrix diagonal is 10.95 inches – we can safely round up to 11 and forget about the error. And the corners of the screen are rounded parallel to the body itself—the attention to detail we deserve.

The resolution is 2560 × 1600 pixels, and there are 275 dots per square inch. A denser arrangement is not advisable. The engineers turned their attention to the quality characteristics of the local IPS matrix. Artists, illustrators and their sympathizers will surely be delighted with the support for the DCI-P3 colour space. Colours, contrast, viewing angles – everything is on the level. Of course, there is DC Dimming protection and a TÜV Rheinland laboratory certificate – the blue colour will not work.

The main killer feature of the screen is the screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. There are adaptive and manual modes. The user is free to choose between the increased and standard 60 Hz frequency of the Mesozoic era.

Powerful Filling

Under the hood, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is an invite to the world of ultras games and Olympus of various kinds of benchmarks. Asphalt 9, Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile – all titles fly at maximum speed, almost without loading the tablet or heating it too much.

Three versions of the MatePad 11 will arrive in Russia, which differ in built-in memory: 64, 128 or 256 GB. If desired, storage can be expanded using microSD. But the RAM is always 6 GB – more than enough for tablets and not very many tasks.

The cellular network is not supported, but there is high-speed Wi-Fi 6 as current interfaces include Bluetooth 5.1 and navigation by satellites GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo.

Useful Accessories

Huawei has prepared a couple of useful accessories: the M-Pencil stylus for 9,990 rubles and the Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard cover for 10,990 rubles. Accessories are supplied separately.

Huawei M-Pencil

The second generation of the nib features a fine nib and platinum-plated finish. Bluetooth is connected, and in a peaceful state, it is attached to one of the ends on a magnet. It charges right there.

The pen follows the tilt angle, which is very useful for shading. Of course, it recognizes up to 4096 degrees of depression and pleases with a minimum input delay of 2 ms. According to the user’s taste, a double-tap on the stylus with your finger switches the main tool to an auxiliary one, for example, an eraser or something else.

The unified system itself supported the new features of the M-Pencil. For example, it recognizes handwriting input, automatically aligns hand-drawn geometric shapes, and so on.

Magnetic keyboard

Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard also connects to the device via Bluetooth but is powered by the head unit. In this case, it is fixed on the tablet body using magnets. Unfortunately, it is not too tight, so it is not safe to hold the device by the cover.

The keyboard supports an abundance of different “hotkeys”, pleases with a quiet and minimal key travel (1.3 mm) and even an NFC tag built into the right Shift for connecting a smartphone to a tablet. Everything within the Huawei Share ecosystem.

Harmonious OS

Huawei decided to move to its operating system last year. Based on the Android Open Source Platform, its own operating system HarmonyOS was created.

The key features of the new OS are tight integration with hardware and tight interaction of devices within the ecosystem. At the same time, HarmonyOS does not lock on itself and maintains communication with the outside world.

Thus, the MatePad 11 is recognized by the computer as a normal Android device. It also easily swallows installation packages for Android applications (APK files). The services used are Huawei Mobile Service and its AppGallery app store. If the required utility is not there, the built-in Petal Search will find the missing.

Outwardly, HarmonyOS is still the same EMUI, but with a bunch of nice innovations. For example, a dock with applications sticks out at the bottom of the screen. And on the desktop, there is an emphasis on widgets that can easily access directly from the icons of compatible applications.

And the platform also allows you to share the workspace between four applications simultaneously, run the same utility in two different windows, and so on. We will get acquainted with all the features of HarmonyOS 2.0 separately shortly.

Laptop Accessory

The tablet itself can act as an additional tool for the PC. In just two clicks, it connects to a Huawei laptop and can duplicate or expand the boundaries of the latter’s screen. The MatePad 11 can even be used as a graphics tablet in this mode – the M-Pencil helps.

A third possible scenario retains the identity of both devices but brings them together. For example, using a trackpad or laptop keyboard, you can drag and drop files from your computer to your tablet on the fly and vice versa. We’ll tell you more about the interoperability later.

didn’t Forget About The Cameras

There are only two of them: main and frontal. The 13MP main camera boasts a good f / 1.8 aperture and even 4K video recording. Without stabilization, of course, but this is enough for a tablet.

On the front is an 8-megapixel module aimed primarily at high-quality streaming of your beloved one in Zoom and other online conferences. In this respect, the tablet outperforms even the most advanced laptops with a traditional door phone peephole instead of a normal webcam.

A quartet of microphones is responsible for the transmission and recording of voice. Three are located at the top, one at the back—all for clear positioning of the sound source and noise reduction.

Immersive Sound

A four-speaker audio system is responsible for a dense immersion in the video. Speakers are located on the sides of the case – two on each side. At the output, we have a powerful, deep, voluminous sound. Movies and TV shows are, of course, good. However, have you tried to play with toys on such a tablet? Trust me; it’s worth it!


The tablet pleases with about 5 hours of screen operation in games and work tasks and almost two days of autonomy. 

It is not a bad indicator for a device with such characteristics and a 7250 mAh battery. Huawei also reports 12 hours of FHD video playback from internal storage. Again, worthy. From a complete 22.5 watt adapter, the tablet charges 34% in half an hour, 64% in an hour, 89% in an hour and a half and 100% in two hours.

With all its capabilities, Huawei MatePad 11 costs significantly less than competitors – from 34,990 rubles, depending on the configuration. A high-quality, almost professional flicker-free display coupled with four speakers makes the tablet an excellent device for consuming content. And the stylus and keyboard help you create it successfully. And it’s great that all creative and work tasks are supported by powerful hardware, including the flagship Snapdragon 865 chipset, plenty of memory and HarmonyOS with many convenient chips for work and creativity. We will tell you more about them soon. As they say, stay tuned.

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