Smart OLED TV: The Top Of The Range Is On Offer With A Discount

Smart OLED TV: The Top Of The Range Is On Offer With A Discount

A pearl for Home Cinema lovers, the 55-inch Sony Bravia XR A90J Smart TV is discounted on Amazon: quality now costs a little less.

You pay for quality, and expensive too: a saying that seems explicitly coined to describe Smart OLED TVs, very advanced technology but, unfortunately, still very expensive. These TVs are the dream of all Home Cinema lovers, and certainly not by chance: OLED technology is always guaranteed high quality; for technical reasons, it is practically impossible to find a poor Smart OLED TV on the market today. There are, however, many models of very high quality and equally high price, like this 55-inch Sony Bravia XR, which, fortunately, is now discounted on Amazon.

Sony Bravia XR-55A90J: Technical Sheet

Sony Bravia XR-55A90J is a 55-inch Smart TV with 4K resolution and an OLED panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Virtually nothing less than what is expected today from a premium range TV. As is known, OLED displays are excellent for the quality of the colours reproduced and for the depth of blacks, and this Sony is not far behind, also thanks to the XR OLED Contrast Pro (which optimizes the contrast) and XR Motion Clarity (which optimizes the fluidity ) technologies. of images). There is also compatibility with HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision formats.

There is also the possibility to take advantage of numerous preset image optimization modes (Vivace, standard, cinema, IMAX Enhanced, game, graphics, photos, Dolby Vision Bright, Dolby Vision Dark, Netflix Calibrated) If you do not want to delve into the complex, yet powerful, custom mode.

The audio system is also refined, integrated into the TV panel, and called Acoustic Surface Audio +. In practice, the sound comes directly from the screen because the speakers are inserted into the display. And there are 4: two stereo speakers and two woofers dedicated to bass, for a total of 60 watts. All support for DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Atmos formats.

The range of ports and wireless connections is vibrant: Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 5, DVB-T2 Digital Terrestrial and DVB-S2 Satellite, 4 HMDI 2.1 ports with eARC, one optical digital output, one for wired headphones, and 2 USB.

The intelligent part is based on Android TV with a Google TV interface, so there is compatibility with dozens and dozens of streaming apps and the ability to use Google Assistant voice commands.

Sony Bravia XR-55A90J: The Amazon Offer

Smart OLED TVs are the most expensive ones, the top of the range of all the best manufacturers, and Sony Bravia XR-55A90J is no exception. In this model, very high technology and quality offered to the customer corresponds to an equally high price: 2,249 euros.

However, thanks to the current offer on Amazon, it is possible to buy this Smart TV at a discounted price: 1,999 euros (-11%, – 250 euros). It is not very much, but it is an excellent discount on such a product.

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