Why Choose A Foldable Smartphone, And Why Not

Why Choose A Foldable Smartphone, And Why Not

We have often talked about smartphones with folding screens in recent months because the market is starting to grow significantly and because the proposal is expanding considerably. Today we try to understand why to choose a folding smartphone and why not, but also which smartphone with screen folding.

A few weeks ago, Samsung launched its new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 models, further improving their structure and resistance to everyday stress. Upon their arrival on the market, they recorded record sales, proving that this particular segment with particularly expensive devices is destined to grow over time and become more and more important.

In addition to Samsung, Huawei already sells a model with a folding screen. Xiaomi has launched one for the Chinese market. Many other brands are working on new projects, in some cases almost science fiction, with displays that can extend and close rolling up.

Watching videos that are dedicated to these new smartphone models with the folding screen is a bit like projecting yourself in a film dedicated to a dystopian reality. Still, we are talking about a now consolidated present.

Why Choose a Folding Screen Smartphone

Space optimization is the most immediate answer because Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip allow you to fold a normal-sized mobile phone and fit it into a pocket or handbag, occupying a very small volume.

In the case of the larger models, such as Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Huawei Mate X2, we are instead faced with devices that, when open offer the size of a tablet, if closed they become a normal mobile phone, which all in all, even if with a little bulk, fits in the pockets in a sufficiently comfortable way.

From our point of view, these are the most interesting models to use, those that even if they are closed, allow you to carry out any activity and, when a larger screen is needed, to work, to watch multimedia content. , to read more comfortably, or to surf the Internet with a larger space, when they are open, they offer a much larger display, today even with very high quality.

For professional use, this type of smartphone can be very useful in many situations, especially now that Samsung has added to its Z Fold 3 model the compatibility with the stylus, called S-Pen, thanks to which you can write, draw, underline. Cut out everything on display easily and immediately.

Why Not Buy a Mobile With a Display That Folds Up

The first reason not to buy a product in this category could be the price; the new Z Fold 3 takes about 2,000 euros for the Huawei model 2,500, while Motorola Razr is sold for 1,500 euros, Samsung’s Z Flip 3 to just over 1,000.

From a technological point of view, their price is justified only and exclusively by the folding screen technology because all the other components are the same that are found in smartphones with the same technical characteristics but with an extremely lower price.

But there is something that goes beyond the price, because when you use a folding smartphone of the category defined as “clamshell,” there is also some more lack: this type of cell phone was used a lot twenty years ago when there were no applications when you did not consult programs on your smartphone hundreds of times a day.

Motorola has managed to develop a minimum of interaction with the small external display, which works when the phone is closed, but to carry out most of the operations, you are promptly forced to open your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, has an external display that has become much larger, which displays some information, but does not allow any interaction, not even the one with which to reply to incoming messages.

The external display delivers the notification, but whatever you want to do, you have to open the phone and use it as a classic model with an extended screen. On a normal day, between Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, WhatsApp messages, and maybe other applications that you use in your everyday life, you will find me doing a sort of exercise for the hands by opening and closing the phone all the time, a situation all ”other than comfortable.

Foldable Display Yes Or No

To date, it isn’t easy to find a definitive answer that applies to everyone on whether or not to buy a device with a folding screen. Still, certainly, this is one of the directions in which the market is heading: over the next few months, we will see more models in circulation that offer a display that folds, we can also predict that the average price of the devices will drop in a reasonable time and approach that of “normal” models.

From our point of view, however, the “booklet” models with a fully functional external display are more comfortable and more practical than the clamshell ones. We wait for the market to confirm our theory or not.

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