Xiaomi Presents The Hyper Recharge At 200W: 100% Charge In 8 Minutes

Xiaomi Presents The Hyper Recharge At 200W: 100% Charge In 8 Minutes

Xiaomi presented its new 200 watts “hyper recharge” system: the smartphone reaches 100% charge in just 8 minutes

Go from 0 to 100% of battery in just 8 minutes: these are the times that Xiaomi has marked with its hyper recharge at 200W. The process, obtained through the connection between the charger connected to the power socket and the smartphone via cable, also demonstrated a remarkable speed even in wireless mode.

To bring the speed of loading of the new system developed by Xiaomi into the spotlight was a video, published on the company’s Twitter profile. If for Xiaomi it is not the first time that it has recorded record recharging times, it is not the only one to have demonstrated in recent years that it knows how to deal with these technologies. In 2020 Oppo, another exponent of Chinese telephony had shown the ability to recharge a 4000mAh battery in 20 minutes using 125W.

A big step forward for the manufacturer that created the proprietary protocol called VOOC, although he failed to break the milestone reached by Xiaomi which, already the previous year, had exceeded this level with an even faster methodology at “only” 100W.

Hyper Charging At 200W, The Xiaomi Experiment

In the demonstration taken from the video, Xiaomi used a modified Mi 11 Pro smartphone, with a 4000mAh battery. Using the increased speed playback, the images show how in 8 minutes the device can reach full electricity availability with wired hyper charging, instead of reaching the same percentage wireless at 120W in 15 minutes.

It is correct to note that fast charging systems, such as that of Xiaomi, use proprietary technologies, applied and functioning exclusively through original chargers and cables made by the manufacturer. In addition, not all implementations of this type are realized in such a way as to be implemented on the devices actually on the market.

In fact, if two years ago Xiaomi had managed to create a 100W charging system from 0 to 100% on a 4000mAh battery in 17 minutes, the technology has not been replicated – for example – on Mi 10 Ultra on sale since last year. which, stopped at 23 minutes at 120W (albeit with a larger accumulator that reaches 4500mAh).

Hyper Charging At 200W and EPR, As Standards Change

If for a long time now it has been Power Delivery via USB that has allowed substantial energy transfers, today the technical limit of the available devices stops at 100W with most of it being around 65-75 Watts. With the introduction of ultra-fast charging systems, in addition to Xiaomi’s proprietary one, however, the rules of the game change with related tools and hardware capable of supporting certain methodologies.

These powers will arrive, according to the USB-IF (the consortium that establishes the technical specifications of USB devices) with the Extended Power Range (EPR) standard at 240W. In support of this protocol, the USB-IF has already announced the need to switch to new cables and chargers, with specific requirements capable of managing these levels and icons useful to identify them compared to those of traditional mold currently in stores, always with a connector of type C but 2.1.

The same goes for smartphones and more: to avoid any damage, there must be compatibility on the entire line, including the device. Hence the importance of clear and unmistakable indications and specific tools, in order to subsequently avoid nasty surprises from cutting-edge technologies, such as that of Xiaomi and EPR, which aim to improve the user experience.

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