Xiaomi’s Smart Humidifier Is Cheap And Has UV-C

Xiaomi’s Smart Humidifier Is Cheap And Has UV-C

Xiaomi Also Makes Ultrasonic Humidifiers And, As Usual, Makes Them Smart, Beautiful To Look At, And Cheap: This Is How The Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier Works

Now there is no device or electronic gadget for which Xiaomi does not have its smart and economical proposal: from smartphones to smartwatches, scooters to electric heaters, smart bulbs to thermometers, and why not, even humidifiers. A type of product that, with the arrival of winter, the cold and the radiators on, is useful.

It is well known that radiators dry out the air in the rooms a lot and, for this, there is the old grandmother’s remedy: place a metal saucepan filled with water on the radiators. With heat, the water evaporates slowly, increasing the relative humidity of the air.

Suppose you prefer smart technology to your grandmother’s remedies. In that case, however, the solution is the ultrasonic humidifier: small, quiet, and often also of design, it does the same job with negligible electricity consumption and, above all, eliminates the need to hang. Or place containers of water on the radiators. Xiaomi’s ultrasonic humidifier adds two more features: it is controlled by the app and has a UV-C lamp inside.

Xiaomi UV-C Smart Humidifier: Technical Characteristics

The Xiaomi smart humidifier, Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier, works like all the others: a very small membrane vibrates, creating ultrasounds that nebulize the water contained in a tank. Specifically, the Xiaomi humidifier tank is also very large: 4 liters, enough to keep the device on for 15 consecutive hours (it turns off by itself when the water runs out).

Another very convenient thing about the Xiaomi ultrasonic humidifier is that it fills from the top and that it is not necessary to disassemble it and take it near a tap, which is instead normal for most ultrasonic water nebulizers.

But let’s get to the smart part: Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier can be turned on and off with voice commands because it is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. But not only that: it can also be programmed via the Mi Home app. It is also possible to adjust it to three power levels to adjust its effectiveness according to needs.

In addition, there is the gem of the UV-C lamp, which is ultraviolet. This lamp is the same as that used in sterilizers and, applied to the water tank, allows us to prevent mold and bacteria from developing inside, which could stain the container or create unpleasant odors (especially if the device is left off for a little, but with a full tank).

Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier: How Much Does It Cost

Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier has a list price very similar to many competing products of the same size, but without the smart part: 57 euros.

It is already a good price, given the plus of the voice commands, the connection to the app, and the UV-C lamp. Still, it is not the current price: at the moment, Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier is at a slight discount on Amazon and costs 49, 99 euros (-7 euros, -12%) sold and shipped by Amazon.

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