JBL GO 3 At An All-Time Low: Shock Offer For The Beach Bluetooth Speaker

JBL GO 3 At An All-Time Low: Shock Offer For The Beach Bluetooth Speaker

Small, light, and powerful, the JBL GO 3 is the ideal Bluetooth speaker for your summer. IP67 certified, it can be used worry-free on the beach and in the pool.

Small, compact, light, and, at the same time, extremely powerful, With these features, the JBL GO 3 has long captured the attention of anyone looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that they can always have with them.

However, it is a versatile and complete device that gives its best in summer. The JBL GO 3, as we will see in detail shortly, are waterproof and shock-resistant, so they can be used outdoors without the fear that dust, sand, water, or debris could jeopardize their correct functioning. In short, the ideal companion for outings or nights spent on the beach by the sea. And thanks to Amazon’s top discount today, the US manufacturer’s wireless speaker has never been as affordable as it is today.

JBL GO 3 Data Sheet: Features And Functionality

Just under 9 centimetres (the exact dimensions are 8.6 x 6.9 x 4 cm ) and extremely light (weighing just 2 ounces ), JBL GO 3 is a wireless speaker designed for summer and outings. It fits practically anywhere (even in your pocket, if they are large enough), and thanks to its attractive design and colourful fabrics, it will show off wherever you want to take it.

However, the small size does not affect the musical quality. JBL GO 3 ensures crystal clear audio, with intense bass and balanced highs. Ideal for listening to your favourite music in any situation. It will be sufficient to connect it to the smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth to listen to the tracks stored in the device’s memory or through one of the many streaming music services (such as Prime Music, for example).

The portable case of the US manufacturer is, as mentioned initially, IP67 certified, therefore resistant to water and dust. What exactly does it mean that the JBL GO 3 is IP67 certified? The first of the two numbers indicates complete resistance to dust; the second, on the other hand, suggests that the device continues to work even if it falls into the water (maximum depth of 1 meter) and has to soak for 30 minutes. In short, you can take the Bluetooth speaker to the beach or pool without fear.

Also, despite its small size and low weight, the lithium-ion battery ensures a decidedly interesting extended range. JBL GO 3 can play music without interruptions for over 5 hours. If it is about to run out, it will be sufficient to connect it to the power outlet for a few tens of minutes to continue listening to music without limitations.

JBL GO 3 On Offer On Amazon: Discount And Price

The 30% discount on the price list guaranteed by Amazon today brings the price of JBL GO 3 to its lowest level on the electronic commerce platform par excellence. The black wireless speaker costs 27.97 euros, with a saving on the recommended price of a few tens of euros. Slightly higher, however, the price for the other colors (JBL GO 3 is also available in red, pink, blue, white, green, and blue/red).

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